What is Ancestral Tourism ?

Ireland - where your journey home begins !Here at Irish Emigrant Trails, we specialize in “Ancestral Tourism”.

It’s a growing area within the tourism and hospitality sectors and here in Ireland it’s no different.  Our approach to this broad field is a three step process.  Combined with our experience, enthusiasm and warm welcome, we will make your trip to Ireland one of the most memorable you will ever take.

How Does It Work ?

All our packages are crafted on an individual basis.  These are personal to you and your wishes, but broadly break down as follows …

Step 1Together, we analyse your ancestry.
You tell us what you know about your Irish family.  Whether you’ve done extensive research already, or wish to engage us to do it, we’ll do a free initial assessment and try to pinpoint records of interest.  We put our heads together and attempt to build a picture of your family in Ireland and their movements once they left.

Step 2 – You tell us what interests you about Ireland.
Using the research from step 1 as our guide, we’ll craft a trail for you to follow once you get here.  Our trails (itineraries) last from 1 to 5 days.  They aim to take in as much of your family’s history / locations as possible, and combine them with the fantastic not-to-be-missed Irish sites you need to visit.  If there is a homestead still standing, and we can find it, then we’ll visit !  The same goes for burial sites, churches, towns & villages, farmland and so on …

Step 3 – You come and find “where it all began” …
You’ll have a wonderful time in Ireland, even if the weather doesn’t play it’s part !

Starting out, your ancestral journey can be a difficult one, with so many options, not enough time, unreadable records, missing generations … the list goes on.

Let us guide you along the path !

Begin your Ancestral Tourism Journey – Get in touch today.

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