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The aim of “Irish Emigrant Trails” is to help people gain a personal insight into their Irish ancestry.

Step 1 – Tell Us What You Know
Tell us what you know about your family’s Irish ancestry in Ireland or anywhere else.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a little or a lot – we’ll do a free assessment on your information and Irish records and see whether further items of interest can be found.

Step 2 – We Create a Trail for You
If we find lots of information, great !  Then we’ll create a trail for you to follow or be guided, that’ll take you to the heart of your family’s origins in Ireland.

If information cannot be found or verified, then that’s OK too – we’ll get to know you a little bit and then create a trail based on our experience, your thoughts and feelings about your family and places of heritage and common Irish ancestry.

Step 3 – Ireland awaits you …
Come and find where it all began … whether you visit the homeplace or townland of your ancestors or whether you enjoy a more general experience, Ireland will dazzle you.  Experience the land of your people and be assured of a warm welcome.

Please contact us to begin the process or feel free to ask for more information by emailing

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5 thoughts on “How It Works

  • Alison Connelly

    My Great-Grandmother Sarah Lavina Comerford (b. 1868 Portlaw) married James Powers (b. 1868 Portlaw) @1890
    arrived Boston @ 1892
    We are planning a trip for this summer to the South East and would love more information. Thanks

  • Roxanna Power

    My fathers name was Gerald Walter Power born 1928 in Corner Brook Newfoundland Canada.
    His father was named Redmond Power, not much is known about my grandfather, because he passes away when my dad was a little boy.

    I don’t have much information, only that the powers come from Waterford.

    Thank you

  • Pablo Power

    My Great-grandfather James Power arrived in Argentina (to the Port of Buenos Aires) on February 15th 1889. His father was Thomas Power.
    According to what we know, he (James) might have been arrived in a boat named Dresden, from the Queenstown port (date unknown).
    He was born in Cardiff, Wales, although his family was most probably from Kilfane, Kilkenny.
    Unfortunately, little more is known because he died when my father (also named “Jaime”, after his grandpa James) was 4, and my grandfather didn´t speak English …
    We’d like to know something else about our family (if there is still someone) living there in our “Mother land”. There are only a few Powers in Argentina, so probably we could find our family’s origin …
    Thanks for anything you can find!

  • gary

    My father was Louis Gene Power born in Lehi (now Mesa), AZ to James Oliver Power (Hannover, Kansas) 1878 and Sarah Laveda Bullock (Blanchard, Iowa) 1880 on August 28, 1924. He was the youngest of 13 children; two sets of twins. Louis G. Power’s grandfather, Robert Power was thought to be killed in the Oklahoma land rush and it is believed that he came to the United States during the potato famine in Ireland. Robert Power never returned home and therefore, declared deceased seven years after his departure from home which was either Kansas or Missouri. Many documents which were handwritten,such as birth and death certificates spell POWERS, but all insist it should have been POWER.