About Irish Emigrant Trails

Our Beginnings

The concept of an Irish Emigrant Trail grew from the successful year of the Gathering in Ireland 2013 – and specifically the County Waterford based project, The Power Clan Gathering, which saw over 100 international visitors linked by the name Power(s) come to celebrate their heritage and common experiences. This gathering and the wealth of contacts made, paved the way for a more structured offering in the way of bringing people back to their roots.

Our Hope for the Irish Emigrant Trail Project

What better way to find your Irish roots than to have your family’s Irish Emigrants researched and then a professional trail put together by our experienced tour guides here in the South East ?

We aim to show clients what life was like in Ireland for their ancestors while also encouraging them to have a vacation.  We feel that rather than being stuck in stuffy records offices and happening per chance across the correct entry, we can guide them to the heart (and sometimes hearth !) of where their family came from.

We partner with community organizations across the South East of Ireland in welcoming visitors back to the land of their forebears.

As our slogan says, “Find where it all began …” and get, in so far as is possible, of a real sense of place for Ireland.

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